Aug. 8

My companion took these fotos and just forwarded them to me so I am passing them along. One of them is of me holding a maracuja fruit in one of the member’s gardens. They make a jummy juice out of it……..One is of me in the rash moment last week when I decided to cut my hair. I feel much better now. Don’t worry, it will grow back. 🙂  One is of my companion (Sister Prado) and I at a tree planting service project that the members had here. The ones by water are of our little adventure today on the bus. Because today is our p day, we took a really long trip on the bus to see the famous Manaus opera house, this port and make a few much needed purchases. The Opera House was awesome! Around it, on the streets, the shopping was pretty cool too. It was like the summer fest but bigger. People vend all kinds of things here. They had a lot of Indian trinkets, but Manus is just like any other big city and so it is mostly for tourists.

The sister missionaries here just serve here in the city and in Boa Vista, so I don’t know if I will see muc

h of the jungle, but it’s cool all the same. Our part of the city has a lot of little vendor shops but no big ones so we get the big things we need on p-days. The members in the ward are really wonderful. One member, Angela, gives us rides a lot and helps us out if we need to get somewhere fast.

I have a challenge for you all this week, For one week, don’t think anything negetive about yoursel

f. This challenge commences when you get this email. I will try it too and I want to hear how it goes for you all! Being kind to yourself is really crucial in keeping a positive attitude and moving forward by faith. People often surmount incredible and im

possible obstacles in life merely because nobody told them they couldn’t. I love you all. Stay strong. Take life one day at a time.


Sister Thompson


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