AUG. 29

This week I learned a lot about the Spirit of the Law vs. the Letter of the law. The Spirit of the Law demands perfection, but the Spirit of the Law demands a pure heart. When you set a goal for yourself and fall short, remember the Spirit of the Law and to keep in mind and be true to your purpose beind the goal you’ve set. I will expound next week.

Often when we teach people, all we do is say a prayer, pick a verse we like in the scriptures, ask them to read it, share our testimony on it and help them apply it to to their lives and then ask them to kneel with us and the head of their home to say a closing prayer for us. It’s very basic, very simple, but beautiful. It brings the Spirit into the home. My challenge for everyone this week is to give this a try. It only takes ten minutes and is very powerful. You can do it before meals, before everyone leaves the house in the morning or before bed. Let me know how it goes.

This week I tried coconut water. We bought young coconuts (they were still green) and the man in the shop pulled out a macheti and cut the tops off for us. After this we put straws in them and drank the water. The water was pretty much just cold water with a slight hint of coconut taste but it was really refreashing and I’ve heard it’s healthy.


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