Sept. 5

Did you know that Maracuja or in English, passion fruit is taken medicinally to help people sleep and that it makes you dream more? I just found out. It’s pretty good for a fruit juice but is bitter before sugar is added. We have it at the members homes sometimes with lunch and it’s kind of like yellow fruit punch. Now I know why I’m always sleepy after lunch…

Someone once told me that missionaries are visiting and home teachers for the non members. I’ve been thinking about this lately. For every person who accepts the gospel and is baptised hundreds of lessons are taught to people who aren’t. These lessons are taught in their homes, with a prayer and with testimony, and if nothing else, for that little bit of time they have The Spirit in their home. Everyone needs a home teacher. Everyone needs a visiting teacher. I have a testimony of this. The person or family the Lord calls each of us to visit as visiting teachers and home teachers, really is the person that the Lord want’s us to develope a friendship with, for our sakes as much as theirs. It’s one of the biggest things about the Lord’s true and restored gospel. He want’s us to look out for each other.

Almost everyone here believes in God, but people just frequent the church that is nearest to them and aren’t too concerned with the details. But I know that this gospel truly has the fullness of the Lord’s truth restored on this earth. I know because of it’s fruit. It asks people to change. It asks people to repent. It asks them to return. But it tells them specifically how, and what to do…and it promises peace and a knowledge that the Lord really is only as far away as we push him. I know that Christ lived and that He lives for us. It’s something I rediscover every day.
Everyone on this earth has a valient spirit; valient spirits that earned the right to this life by faith and a firm testimony in Christ and what he promised to do for us. For this reason, the things we teach ring true in people’s hearts when they take the time to listen and pray with real intent.

We had a baptism this last Friday! Her name is Alini and she is 14 years old. It has been beautiful to see the light in her eyes as she has changed from tagging along with us to church, to beating us to church and being at all the activities early and all on her own. We are going to have a family home evening with her family tonight and hopefully her three older brother, Jhonie and sisters, Dyanna and Taissa will watch the church film with us that we plan to show. Her Mom, France will join this church too I think, but she is going through a rough time, because her husband, (Alini’s step dad) passed away a few weeks ago and she is at the hospital a lot taking care of her brother Francisco who is going to have a heart surgery.

We are still praying for Sara and hoping she can feel good about Baptism and have confidence in her answer about it. I really want to teach her  whole family but we have only taught her brother Elias, his wife Elielma and her father Emanuel. It was a holiday this weekend in Brazil and so they were doing family things and didn’t come to church, but I have faith in this next week. We are also teaching a beautiful little family with two little boys. The parents names are Ivana and Deni.

Take care this week k?


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