September 12-19th I saw a sloth!

Once upon a time there was a man on a airplane on his way to a conference. When he boarded the plain, he was surprised to notice that the last passenger was a little boy and the little boy was all alone. He watched as the little boy picked a window seat and buckled his seatbelt, calm as could be. As the plane ride took off and commenced on it’s way, there started to be some turbulance. The man was a little nervous, but he noticed that the little boy seemed to be completely free of fear and completley relaxed the whole time. This man’s curiosity grew. How could this little boy be so calm? He was all alone and the ride was rough. When the plane finally landed, the man walked up to the little boy and asked him how he had so much courage. The boy responded. My daddy is the Pilot.
In our lives, sometimes times are rough, but if we remember that the Lord really is the Pilot directing things and that he really is our Father and has a set direction and course for us, we can live free of anxiety and fear. All we need to do is get on the plane and do the basic things we know we should do. Getting on the plane is going to church. Getting on the plane is praying and reading your scriptures. Getting on the plane is going on a mission. I am so grateful to be here and so greatful for this beautiful life. Every day is a chance to learn something new.
I have a special request for all the girls in our family over 18. Go to Women’s conference this Saturday! The Prophet will speak, and it will be live and I will be watching it with you here and Brazil. Write me and tell me what you liked best from the Conference, and I will be very happy.
My 22nd Birthday last week was good. My roommate left sticky notes all over the house that said nice little things and drew me a picture of a Birthday cake with 22 candles. We had a lot of meetings that day so it was kind of a crazy day. The onibus was so full that we were like sardines, it was really incredible. We visited Ponta Negre where our Temple is being built and took pictures by the beach. It was just like the beach by the ocean excpet the waves were smaller and brown because it is actually a huge river. I used my debit card and bought myself a sky blue skirt a few weeks ago and saved it to wear on my Birthday so that was kind of fun. 🙂
It was kind of a rainy day and a lot of shops were closed, but as we were leaving to head home, we saw a sloth! It was the craziest thing ever. He moved slowley and awkwardly like a person trying to walk on all four. His fur was matted, but he had great big, wide eyes and a face that was so smooth and shiny brown that it looked fake. We got really close. He had a hook on the end of each front paw. He seemed to be in a transe and moved past us into the park as if he didn’t know how close we were. It was incredible.
Sara and Elias came to church with us this Sunday. We were able to teach them a lesson with the Bishop and explain a little bit more about how Temple sealings work. I was scared to death that they would be overwhelmed when the Bishop started talking about how one man can be sealed to more than one women, but the lesson ended well and they came to church so we are praying that they can recieve and answer about baptism. Elias said that he added me on facebook, so if someone checks my face book and adds him, you can see what he looks like and his family.
I love you all! Take care!

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