October 3, 2011

This weekend was incredible! I don’t think I have ever felt the Spirit so strong. We all went to a stake center to watch Conference and they hooked up a little room just for the 7 of us English speaking missionaries to watch in in English. It was a bit of a party because everyone stays in the Stake Center for all six hours and bring snacks and packed lunches to eat in between sessions. Lots of members don’t have internet and head for the stake center by bus and so it makes more sense to do it this way. The churches and stake centers are very beautiful. They are a lot like the ones in the United States, but make me feel more like I am in a cathedral because of the white tiled floors and vaulted ceilings. It creates a feeling of vast openess.

I loved the Women’s Conference last week too. I loved how it talked about Charity as a state of being and how it is the way our heart is positioned and always leads us to loving actions. I loved how President Monson talked about Charity as having patience with people who are false with us, having patience with ourselves and our limits and People’s weaknesses. I loved how he said that our visiting teachers should be like family and how we can visit teach our family. 🙂

It was spoken that our little acts of kindness can heal those around us. I know this is true. It’s one of the most marked things about the Apostles and Prophets, they encourage and lift in little, personal ways wherever they go. I loved how Barbara Thompson spoke that Joy is the fruit of faithfullness, and that we will have more power to withstand our temptations when we remember our Covenants. I know that Covenants are more than just a list of things we promise to do. They really are a two way promise and a promise that we can lean on and look to for support when we are struggling. Remember that as long as we do our part, God is holding up the other end and is in all we do, strengthening us and waiting for us to look to Him so we can lean on Him.

I also loved President Uchtdorf’s five forget-me-nots
1. Don’t forget to be patient with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others because this sets personal expectations that are unrealistic. Remember that God is perfectley aware of our imperfections and weaknesses when He calls us to the work and that with Him we really can do all things.
2. Don’t confuse a good sacrifice for sacrificing all (Am I dedicating my time and energy to the most important things?)
3. Don’t forget to be happy now. Like the people in the story of Willey Wonca’s Chocolate factory. it is very important to be careful that we don’t throw away the chocolate of today in hopes of finding a golden ticket that will give us a life time supply of chocolate.
4. Don’t forget the basics. The gosple isn’t a obligation, it’s a way of life.
5. Don’t forget that God loves you. I know this love is real and that it can heal us. It’s is something we should pray to feel daily.

I love you all. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on Conference!


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