Mission to Accomplish…

This first week was really something. We had one really good day and then one really hard day, back and forth, every other day all week. I almost had to be the senior this week because this is my area and although Sister Cabral is my senior, she is new to this area and doesn´t know anything about our investigators yet or where things are direction wise. I was so worried about getting us lost, but it turned out to not be so bad. Usually I got us really close to where we needed to be before we had to call members and ask questions. I was impressed by how much was just habit memory. My feet knew which streets to walk, and so we only had to ask about which house after I had already got us on the right street. There were several times when the Spirit specifically helped me have a little bit more confidence and walk with certainty. I was so worried about finding a particual little familie’s home that is really out of the way, but when it came time, I just kept going down this one street and suddenly I started recognizing things and was able to find my way. I will confess though that we did quite a few circles and figure 8s the first few days trying to remember and find investigators houses in the little neighborhood that is the center of our force.
Sister Cabral is very different from Sister Prado and it´s been hard to adjust, but aside from loosing a little bit more hair than usual, I think the stress is letting up. I´m super excited to improve my teaching and learn from her. She is a very low stress, straight  forward, get it done kind of person and has all the lessons memoriezed with little teaching aids just like she is teaching primary or giving an oration. It´s pretty neat. Some things I can improve in my teaching are quickly becoming apparent. Sister Prado and Sister Cabral were both Administration majors… I´m starting think our Heavenly Father wants to help me develope this skill, and the companions are my sublte hint.
I was feeling a bit inadeqate during our meeting with the mission leader and Bishop, just listening to Siser Cabral lead the work, when a felt a still small voice inside me say that I am incredible and that I don´t know my potential or what things God is preparing me for. It was neat. I know God really feels this way about each of us. Each one of you are incredible and have specific missions to accomplish on this earth. We all have a important part to play and every part is important just like the stones that make up an arch or the links that make up a chain. Each one is dependent on the other. We need each other. When you feel like you don´t matter, know that there are people counting on you and people that need your love, specifically, your family. I have a testimony that we are in our specific families for a reason and that each one of us play a crucial role in strengthening each other.
There is a little old lady named Luisa that we tried to teach this week for the first time in her home. I wanted to cry, it was so aweful. Usually we teach her in the street or in Irma Morena´s house and we knew that she is very sad at times because her daughter drinks, but actually meeting her daughter was just so sad because her daugher said horrible things about her throughout the whole lesson. Poor little Luisa was close to tears. I wanted so badly for here to have the blessings of Baptism, but she doesn´t understand well enough for us to know what we can do to help her. Her four Grandchildren that live with her all were a little bit sullen also, exept the youngest, Miriam. Miriam is a sweet heart and went with Luisa to an activity, and Luisa´s been to Church a few times.
We have three miracle Baptisms coming up this Friday… Juliana, Silvio and Isabel. I am out of time, but I will tell their story next week in detail. It´s worth the wait. Please pray that everything works out. I had a few letters and was waiting for P Day to open them like a good missionary, but I had one really hard day this week and cracked, reading them all a little early. Thanks Dad! Your snail mail was here when I needed a little lift. Also, thanks for the scripture and spiritual thoughts Mom! They mean a lot to me.
I Love you all!

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  1. Posted by Carolyn Seeholzer on November 7, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    I love reading about your experiences, they are so awsome and filled with the spirit. It is so cool to see how the Lord is blessing you to find those who need the gospel. Keep up the good work!


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