Fasting and Prayers

This week we baptized Samuel’s friend, Gabriel! It was super special for me because Samuel and Gabriel were one of my first lessons here on the mission. I have had 9 Baptisms now on the mission. We’ve really been blessed. The funny thing is that we never stop worrying about the people we teach, even after they are members. We are happy for every little bit of progress they make and anxious when we don’t see them at church. This probably has something to do with why we are transfered every few months. Seeing Silvio in a white long sleeve shirt and tie this Sunday did something for my heart. Usually new members wear regular clothes for quite awhile before they make the change to Sunday attire standard. It made me so happy because it is a proof that this Gospel is important to him and that he is progressing as a member and that he has a respect and reverence for Church and the things he is learning. He want’s to serve a mission! Johny wants to serve a mission too. After being a member for one year, they will be able to. I joke with them and with Aline that they will be called to serve in Logan, Utah and serve in my neighborhood. (How cool would that be!)

This Sunday, we were a little sad because a lot of our investigators didn’t show up to church. We were teaching a husband and wife who have been together for 13 years and have 5 little kids but didn’t wan’t to be legally married because of the “committment”. It was super sad. Cristiani (the little mom) wanted to, it was easy to tell, but she wouldn’t come out and say it because she was defering to her husband Lucílo. He didn’t want to because everyone spreads rumors here that after you are legally married, things change and it’s harder. It’s like people think getting married will jinx their relationship. Having children together and living together are committment, so it made me super sad that they didn’t want to get that piece of paper and do things right so they could recieve the blessings of all they are doing to raise a little family together. The Lord wants men and women to take care of each other. He wants little families to be happy together. It’s part of our purpose here. It’s part of God’s plan. They are already doing all the work, they just need to keep the commandment of living within the Covenant of legal marriage and they can recieve the blessings the Lord would like to give them.

We had planned to baptize Silvio’s cousin, Adilson this week, but he didn’t show up to church so things are in limbo for the moment. We are fasting and praying every Saturday to baptize 12 people this transfer because President Klein (our mission President) challenged Sister Cabral to baptize this 12. It’s a super hard goal, but we are already seeing incredible results as an effect of reaching for something so high. It’s like that quote that sayes “reach for the moon, and if you don’t get to the moon at least you will fall among the stars.” We need a little miracle at the moment. If we could find a family to baptize we could really do it. 5 of my 9 baptisms have happened in this transfer so to reach the goal of 12 in this transfer, we need to find 7 more people. We are teaching a family right now (Marlison and Lidiani) who are legally married and have 4 little boys. If they would just go to church, they could be Baptized. Goals are just a tool to help us try harder and work with focus. It’s the same with numbers. People are more important than numbers and quality is more important than quantity but the Church works a lot with numbers because it helps with motivation and focus, and gives us a vision of our progress and most importantly, our potential.

Sister Cabral has been in a lot of pain these last few weeks because of a previous knee injury. We have a lot of stairs in our area and so an old soccor injury had been making her knee give her trouble and swell up. She is taking pretty strong antinflamitory arthritis medicine to help with the pain and swelling and doesn’t complain. She could use your prayers right now. I have gone on a few splits with ward members when she was having a rough time and when we had too many committments to meet by ourselves.

There is a Sister on our mission that sayed “Being depressed and discouraged is equal to being prideful” and now all the sisers are quoting it. When I asked for the explaination, it made sense. When we are depressed and discouraged, we are not being grateful for our blessings and we are not accepting the hand of God in our lives. We are not trying to make lemonaid out of our lemons but are sad because our lemons aren’t oranges. It makes a lot more sense to make lemonade than to wish for nonexistent oranges. Pride is the act of trying to stand on our own without aknowleging our need for God or the fact that His will plays a big factor in the parts of our lives that we change. Humility and most importantley, gratitude open our eyes and help us accept His prescence in our lives and so doing, accept peace and let Him take some of our burden.

I love you all! Remember to make lemonade every day!

Sister Thompson

P.S. my letter to Pres. Klein in Portuguese! 😉

Nossa área esta bem. Minha saudê esta bom! Sister Cabral esta esforçando tudo para batizar cada semana. Nossa batismo futuro não foi para igreja esta semana então nos somos preocupadas, e nos precisamos mais novos mas conseguimos planejar uma divisão para quinta e sexta esta semana. Nossa atividade da ala para fazer contatos foi muito chique! Cada semana, algumas pessoas chegar para esta’s atividades e mesmo que esta pouco, sempre tem bastante para ser um experiencia memorável e dolce para os membros que participam e nós missionários. Alem de esta semana tendo poucos pessoas em nossa reunião Sacramental, eu queiro contar minha alegria para esta semana. Os does rapazes que eu ensinou minha primeiro semana aqui na missão estavam membros agora e amigos com todos rapazes em nossa ala. Também, e preencheu minha coração com alegria para ver nossa batismo, Silvio em padrão esta Domingo com uma gravata e camisa branco. E significa para me que Ele realmente esta progredindo como um membro e tem uma gratidão e respeito por O Senhor. Eu sei que esta trabalho esta no trabalho do Senhor e sou moito grato que ele esta andando comigo em todo. Eu sou grato para nossa líder da obra, irmão Alix e os sábios conselho dele e para minha energética e diligente companheira Sister Cabral, e para Você e Sister Klein. Eu sempre me sente melhor depois lendo as cartas de vocês e nossas conferências da Zona. Obrigada!


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