We finished this transfer in a hurry. It has been a memorable one. Although we didn’t reach our immense goal of 12 Baptisms, we had 6 and that is a record for our area I think! (At least while I’ve been here) Our last baptism, Franscisco, didn’t show up to be confirmed on Sunday so we’ve got to find out what happened this week, but aside from that, it’s all been quite the last 6 weeks.

Sometimes I run into people here that remind me a ton of people back home. Our stake President’s wife, Regia could be Rixa’s Brazilian twin, I think. It’s in her expressions and the way she is so cheerful and talkative, the way she invites us into her home and the way she smiles.

When I first came here, we met a incredible woman named Socorro, who reminded me a lot of Cherise. She has two darling little girls, works as a nurse and is always making something on her sewing machine for her girls or as a custom order from her neighbors. She is super down to earth, loving, practical and has a deep respect for religion and faith in Christ.

Samuel and Gabriel are like Brazilian versions of Bradley and Kayden. They are super tall, super intelligent and always making me and my companion crack a smile with their witty remarks and just the way they act and pester each other like real brothers (even though they are just friends) when they don’t feel like talking.

Now we are teaching a man who reminds me a ton of Dad. his name is Castro, he is 47 (although he looks 35) and is super intelligent, logical, soft spoken and the type of person who talking to him, you can tell that all his knowledge has refined him to be the kind of person who cares deeply about things and people. He didn’t believe in God (even though his dear little mother is very, very, very Catholic) when Sister Prado and I visited him the last week of last transfer. We have been trying all this transfer to teach him again and only just finally were able to. My companion almost gave up on trying to contact him and said she couldn’t see why I liked him so much.

He’s been taking some intense college courses and so he has been hard to reach, but one day he just showed up to church all on his own and yesterday was the second week in a row that he came! He said that it gets a little better every time, and I can see the light in his eyes as his faith is starting to grow. I think for the first time in his life, he is able to use his intelligence/logic to help him make sense of what he is learning about God and faith and religion. I love that everything in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ just makes sense!!!

Sister Cabral will be transferred to Itacoatiara where there are no hills or stairs and so hopefully her knee can get better, and Sister Prado will be transferred to the neighboring area to Noel Nuttles so she will be in my district again!!!! And as for me… well… I get to stay here in Noel Nuttles, Hooray!!!! My new companion will be Sister do Amaral. I’m super nervous because she was Sister Cabral’s trainer and they only lasted for half of the assigned training period together because of little skirmishes…Needless to say…I’ve heard lots of stories. From what I hear she is very strict and likes to keep the rules with exactness. But… from what I’ve seen of her in person, I like her a lot and have got this feeling that she has strengths in places where I am weak and that I will grow a lot from this next transfer.

much love,



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