Obedience Brings Understanding

I can”t believe it, the week of Christmas is here!!!!!!!

I love imagining that you are all tucked safe in the house with snow outside and lots of Christmas movies inside. Drink lots of hot chocolate for me! (I will be drinking yummy chilled fruit juice because it is so hot here lol)

I’m super stoked for this week because we are going to the  museum with our Mission President Tuesday and there will be BBQ and other awesome stuff there, like a mission Christmas party. I am also excited for our ward Christmas party for which I will be making brownies.

This week was really neat because Castro was baptized and confirmed and we had two little miracles yesterday! Two weeks ago, we were looking for a address that didn’t exist that had been passed to us from some other missionaries (this happens a lot). We never found the person we were looking for, but we did find someone else at the address we were given. Her name is Renilda and she has two darling little boys (the always throws temper tantrums when we go to visit, but I tell her not to worry because I´ve been told I passed through the same phase when I was his age.) Anyway, we arranged for a ride for her to make it to church and at the end of Relief Society, she thanked everyone and started to cry. She said she had been feeling so lonley these last few months becaues they are new here and her husband works a lot and was so happy to be with so many friendly people. She has already volunteered to bring a flan for the ward party and the sisters in the ward rushed to welcome her. It was really beautiful to see.

The other miracle is a story similar, we were looking for someone specific but ended up teaching the girl in the house where we asked directions. Her name is Priscilla and she has always been curious about our message and said that she always passes by our church at night and that it looks like so much fun, all the kids playing ball and gathered for activites in the court yard. She had been praying for the Lord to give her a new direction in her life and said she was sure that our knock was a response to that prayer.

Because of these experiences, I’ve decided that I should never be discouraged or upset when things don’t go as planned. Some of the greatest miracles I have experienced on the mission have been when the plans we´ve had made didn’t work out, when our appointments fell through or when random unexpected coincidences happened to make us change our plans in the moment.

I have a testimony that this really is the work of the Lord. I have a testimony of rules. It’s rough on the mission because here we have even more little rules than we had just as members. But there is a specific reason for this. The Lord gives us rules because we don’t have the perfect intelligence yet to be able to know exactly what we should do and make perfect decisions. The rules protect us and as we grow in intelligence, we grow to appriciate and understand them. Everything we learn and teach in this gospel is to help us qualify to be Gods or Goddesses some day. The Lord is God because He obeys the laws of nature to such a extent that he is the law.

The only way to understand a rule completley and fully is to choose to have faith and obey it before you have a perfect understanding of it. (Just as the only way to really understand salt, in it’s essence is to taste it and feel it and experience it with your senses.)

I think one of the biggest trials of our faith is to obey the little, petty rules that we don’t understand yet. For this reason faith is the first principle of the gospel, and obedience the first law of Heaven. It takes faith, and incredible humility to obey without a perfect understanding. However, I have a testimony also that God never leaves us to blind faith because as soon as we take the leap of faith, we find answers and gain understanding. The trial of our faith is to choose to obey before we understand and then the miracle is that the act of obeying gives us understanding and our confimation comes.

I love you all, I’m greatful to have each one of you in my family!


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