Christmas Eve

Chrismas Eve here is intense! The party starts at midnight. Everyone gets out there loud speakers, all the little kids light off fireworks, rockets and home made bombs in the streets and people pretty much eat until the sun rises. We went Christmas caroling to our recent converts and then booked it for home. Our neighbors invited us to eat with them but we were super tired. Just as we were getting ready for bed, the Mom of the neighbor family next door (we live in an enclosed apartment complex with two other families) knocked on the door with a huge plate of food for us. It was super sweet, and we enjoyed it. 🙂

Christmas was awesome!!! It was wonderful getting to talk to you on skype. It came and went before we knew it. We visited a few people, ate some really good food at some members’ houses, delivered a few Christmas cards and it was time to head back home.

I am so grateful to be out here on the mission with my only worry being to share with people those things that matter most. It’s a great privelage. I will share with you all a few things I’ve learned over the last 7 months…”Gratitude is everything. The more grateful you are, the happier you will be. We say a prayer of gratitude over our food three times a day for a reason! It’s like the Lord giving us training wheels to teach us how to be happy.”  “The more organized you are, the more people you can help and the more you can get done.” “Being obedient often means freeing yourself of desire.”

I hope this new year is a wonderful one for you all! I am so excited to be spending it here in Manause and finishing it back at home with you all this next December. Good luck with your new years goals (Don’t forget to make them, they make a difference!)


Sister Thompson


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