Choosing your Eternal Life

This has been an interesting week. We stopped by to visit Gabriel’s mom because he doesn’t always come to church. They live in a one room house made of two by fours. His little sister doesn’t have legs because of a city bus accident. (some of the city busses here really are aweful) He has a few more little siblings but they live somewhere else. They were all together folding laudry when we stopped by. Gabriel’s Mom, Joice shared a little bit about how she has been feeling with us.

Gabriel was baptised one week after his Grandmother died of tuburculosis. Gabriel´s grandmother raised him so it was a really hard time for him. His mom Joice is still mourning their loss and sayes she often dreams of her mother. She also has a sensitivity to be able to see spirits sometimes, but she was super sad because she said nobody believes her. And she’s lived a pretty rough life. She said that she believes Hell is here on earth. She said she has a crazy feeling that she just wants to get away and find a new place to live. She said that Gabriel reads his Book of Mórmon every night before they say their individual prayers and go to bed, and that she is glad he goes to church but that she is sad that she can’t buy him shoes or a shirt and tie or the things he needs. She said he always begs her to go to church with him but she can’t because she knows the short dress and high heels she has are not appopriate for church. Even though we invite our investigators to come in whatever clothes they feel most comfortable, they always feel uncomfortable to see everyone wearing the church standard and not be wearing something that makes them feel like they can fit in.

When we got to know Gabriel and baptised him, I had never seen his mom, talking to her face to face, she reminded me so much of Gabriel. I was reminded of how the worth of every single soul is great in the sight of God. Did you know that when we act to help each other go to church and remind each other of God and his plan, he forgives us of some of our sins? There is nothing more sanctifying than service. There is nothing more rewarding than this particular type of service. God loves us. This should motivate us to follow Him, repent and want to be better. Let go of the little petty worries that beg for your thoughts and time. Decide now to stop worrying about the future. Just make sure you are always setting good goals and going about good things and the future will take care of itself.

What Joice said about Hell made me stop and think. I really believe we choose our own reality here on this earth and so I think she is right. Some people here on earth are very unhappy. They are already living in outer darkness, which is a place without faith. Other people are living in the Telestial Kingdom. They don’t have time for God. They live for the next party and don’t work to have good relationships in their family. Other people live in the Terrestrial Kingdom, they work, they eat, they live weekend to weekend and are basically good people but they find depression and lack of meaning haunting their existance and they would read their scriptures, pray and go to church but they are just so tired and worn out. I think the Celestial kingdom exists here on earth too. Have you ever noticed that the Prophets of the church are always happy? I think it’s because they have learned to obey enough of the laws of God that they have found this place. A place of eternal hope, progression and peace. I know this place exists for every one of us and all we have to do is decide that we want it and follow the Prophet!

I love you all. I know life isn’t easy, but remember, we are here to be tested. We are here to grow and God loves you.


Sister Thompson


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  1. Posted by Ann Holman Hull on January 9, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Keirra let the ward know about the boy’s desire to come to church and how he needs clothes and shoes. Maybe someone there can help out. Thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiring words you give to us often. We really appreciate hearing from you. By the way, remember that start of an aloe vera plant you gave me – I have a whole windowsill full of those potted plants now and I’m wondering where else I can put them! Thank you for everything and especially for your love and friendship. Have a wonderful year and keep us updated!


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