Chamber Pot…

This week has been a good one! Time is going by super fast. My companion made me a beautiful cloth covered notebook the other day and taught me how to make cloth flowers. It made my day. As I was reflecting on how I was feeling, I realized that the feeling of being loved is exactley the same feeling that I feel when I am touched my the Holy Ghost. It’s love, pure and simple. God’s love. Heavenly Father never wants us to feel alone, he never wants us to be separated from His love. If we pray to feel it and thank Him in our prayers, it can become a real presence in our lives. The incredible thing about love is that when you are feeling it, nomatter what your circumstance is, everything is okay. Setting priorities becomes easy and natural. Fear melts away. Working hard and staying busy becomes a instinctive reaction.

Funny Story:
The other day I was at the market looking at the plastic cups and tupperware and I noticed a really big cup with a handle that was super cheap. It was only $3.00. Every time I make pancakes, I have to mix the batter in one of our pots because we don’t have any large bowls so I thought, this will be just perfect!

As we were walking home, my companion asked me, why did you buy this? I explained my reasoning and she started to laugh. It was a bed pan (chamber pot) !!!! She said she was afraid to say something in the store because she thought maybe I wanted to use it and didn’t want to embarass me. I said I would use it anyway to make pancakes and she made a face. So we both had a good laugh and I decided to return it. The next day when I walked up to the register and asked if I could return it, the lady looked dubious. I think she was worried that it was used. With a bright red face, I explained why I had bought it and she started to laugh too. Sister Do Amaral shared the story in our Family Home Evening that weekend and everyone thought it was hilarious.

The other funny story is that the other day we were visiting a member’s house, waiting for them to answer the door and around the corner from the outside came Irmao John in his underware with a bag of mangos. He was picking mangos in his underware I guess… he was super embarassed but we were in front of the door to his house so he had to get past us to get into his house. This is the third time in these last few months something like this has happened. Sister Do Amaral and I were trying super hard not to laugh.

And now for a story a little bit more spiritual:
We were teaching a less active member yesterday and she explained that she just didn’t have a desire to go to church. She said that she knows she won’t be able to concentrate there and she just doesn’t have the desire.

Siser Do Amaral posed the question,
“What does it mean to you to be wise?

” Ronaldo anwered “To try to understand the undiscovred” Yasmin said “To be able to make decisions” and Elias said, to “know the mysteries of God.” We read about how the wise man was built on a rock and the foolish man on sand. We spoke of the importance of the sacrament and how the main purpose of going to church is to renew our covenant with our Savior Jesus Christ and prove to him that we still have faith in Him. If we don’t go, we are lacking on faith and we are building on sand. We need His Atonement daily to be able to have the joy and peace in our life that he sent us here to have.

We also taught a man yesterday who believed he was already Saved. His church believes in prophets, it believes in the degrees of glory and tons of things that are true principles, but they believe that they are already saved, that a good Lord wouldn’t let his children go to Inferno and that the only reason we should do good here on the earth is to earn good consequences. It was super sad because he has a beautiful family and they already live all of the church standards. I was sad because it invalidates our need for the Atonement. It reminded me of how Satan will tell 9 truths to get you to believe one lie. For this reason prayer is crucial. “If you have a a a lack of knowledge, ask of God who giveth to all men liberally and abraideth not and I shall be given you.” He was so excited to share about his religion and compare his religion with ours that we weren’t able to feel the Spirit. To feel the Spirit you have to have a desire to learn and to listen.

I love you all! Have a great Week!


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