Pray for us…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Pray for us that we can baptize one Senhora named Luisa. She is trying very hard to stop drinking coffee but has to make it every morning for her grandchildren. She has a hard time understanding the lessons, but keeps going to church and wants to be baptized. Her baptism date is for this Friday. It was supposed to be last week, but she drank coffee and so couldn’t be baptized.

We were able to almost mark a wedding date for our dear little family of Renilda, Andelso. Their youngest boy, Lucas is one of the most animated kids I have ever seen. At the end of one of our lessons, he had managed, to rip in pieces and burn a family proclamation to the world and yesterday when I gave him my pencil to draw, the first think he did was bite off the eraser and break the point on the ground. He is only three years old, but he likes to help out and so it is just a matter of keeping his hands busy. Renilda and Andelso almost accepted to be baptized this next month, they just need help getting their papers together. Renilda is a little scared about baptism. She said she is not sure if she is ready to be born again. They have been going to church every week since the new year and so have a pretty deep understanding of what they are getting into.

Andelso has stopped drinking coffee and Renilda sayes that she just needs to have the courage to throw it out. He also has been sober since he started recieving our messages. We gave Renilda a chart to mark for family scripture study last week and were so happy when she showed it to us, with a star sticker on every single day. The challenge was to read 15 minutes of scriptures every day and write down on the chart what they read. She opens the bible randomly and then the book of mornon and reads a verse or two. She said it was incredible because everything she read in the two books seemed to relate and support each other.

Some principles are hard to understand. Somtimes we have to be obedient for quite awhile before the understanding comes. But it always comes. I am starting to understand the alegory of the olive trees in Jacob in a way that I never could before. When the Lord mourns for his vinyard and asks the servant what more he could have done to help it and when the servant begs to be allowed to prune it and dig about it a little bit more, I am brought to think of the recent converts and what work it is to keep some of them active. I think I am starting to understand how the Lord must feel about our activity in the church. It means a lot to him to see us there on Sunday.

I love you all. Stay strong.

Sister Thompson


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