Boa Vista is Awesome!

Wow, there is no time to write, but so much to say. I will just have to say it next time and try to send some of the pictures I am taking.
Did you know that our mission picks up 4 states of Brazil and that I am now close to Venezuela? Our new apartment is brand spanking new and this city is so clean and organized, that it feels like we are in Heaven. Sister Stevens and I have started jogging in the mornings. It’s weird to not see people in the streets at night or hear loud music coming from every other house.

I love the ward here. It is literally a “church house” Our branch meets in a remodled house because their chapel is in construction. We have two sets of missionaries here because they really want to have a ward and a chapel here soon. The other couple are Elders and they are great to help us out and answer all our questions. The city here is organized on a grid system and so all the houses are super easy to find. I love my new companion. This is her last transfer of the mission and 5th time opening up a city and so she is super relaxed and natural about everything. Next week I will spill the beans, but until then, may the Spirit be with you.


Sister Thompson


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