Loving my new area!!!

This has been a good week! Here are some long awaited pictures I took in Manaus on my last day in the area. My favorite is of the meat! Well, actually, my favorite is of Luisa’s baptism. The others are just of the streets and such because I know one picture is worth 1000 words. The last few are of our new house here in Boa Vista. We passed by this awesome river on our way here and so Sister Stevens and I took a picture together.

There have been a few family members of the ward members who wanted to get baptized and so we had a baptism yesterday. I will send another email after this with the pics. We have been praying to be able to find and baptize a family this transfer. We have lots of good prospects but really need a miracle. I’m back to being my good old self (the way I was at the first of my mission) and making tons of contacts every day. Making contacts with people is really one of my strong points because of that Sam’s club job Missy and I had the summer before my mission. I always surprise my companions with how many people I shamelessly stop and invite to be taught.

My weak point is still teaching, because I want to learn to simplify, clarify and relate everything I say to the lives of the people. It’s going to be a life time process I think. I think I will definitely get a teaching degree after the mission. It’s one of those interesting professions that seem like you can’t grow out of it. It’s the one thing I don’t think I would get tired of.

I am loving everything about this new area. Our little rented church house is so cute!!!! They are building a chapel somewhere down the street. They don’t have a stake here yet, so all the wards are branches. It feels so different not having to climb hills every day. One of the pictures shows the view of the city from the top of a hill in Manaus. Here in Boa Vista, everything is flat and so you don’t wear yourself out as fast.

Guess what!!!!!! The Manaus Temple finally has a date. It will be dedicated June 10! Everyone says that us Sisters will probably get to help with the open house. I sure hope so! I haven’t been there since my birthday last year, so I am dying to see it all finished. I really miss the Temple. It’s hard to explain. After going through the Temple and making a habit of going there every week before my mission, I just want to get back there. It’s like my Spirit’s addicted to that feeling you get when your inside the Temple or near it. It really is our tangible link to Heaven.

Take care!


Sister Thompson


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