The fruit of the tree…

My address is still the same. Everything goes to the mission office and then our zone leaders go to manaus once a month to pick it up. 🙂 To all my family and friends, I would love to hear your mission stories or scripture study thought/notes if you’d like to write.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I hit my half way mission mark the 25th of last month. It’s weird… It’s something I’ve been thinking about this week. My mission is more than half over, and now I’ve just got to pace myself and finish the race strong. I think it is a lot like running a marathon. You have to have check points and keep gauging yourself and making goals all along the way.

I learned something interesting in Alma 7 the other day. He asks us to be diligent and temperate in the same sentence. I realized that it is impossible to be diligent without being temperate. If we don’t take care of ourselves and schedule out our time with our necessities realistically, we will not have what it takes to keep running and finish strong, we will burn out. I’m glad for all the mission rules and weekly goals that keep me temperate.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the Love of God. In reading the vision of the tree of life, we learn that the only thing that was able to tear people from the love of God once they had tasted it, was pride. It’s scary. There were some who, after partaking of the fruit, looked around at their peers for approval and validation and forgot the validation of God that was in their hands. They left, seeking to join the group of the world, who with their pride had tried to create something for themselves without God and his laws and rules which are eternal truths. The great and abominable building is the pride of the world.

In this last conference we were warned to avoid extremes. Satan will do everything he can to tear the fruit out of our hands. If he can’t get us to go to the extreme of being proud, he will try to make us go to the other extreme by being discouraged. I’ve found that everything in my life has either been pulling me to the one pole or the other. The secret is just to keep making those little course corrections by looking straight ahead…at the love of God.


Sister Thompson


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