REQUEST TO ALL: Please write and send me some stories from your mission…

Excerps from king Benjamin’s final words, implied for our days. Mosiah 2:9 My bretheren, all ye that will assemble yourselves together for general conference. We that can hear the words which they shall speak unto us this day. for we have not been commanded to go up thither to trifle with the words which shall be spoken, but we should hearken unto them and open our ears that we may hear and our hearts that we may understand and our minds that the mysteries of God maybe unfolded to our view.

Needless to say, I am excited for General Conference! It will be the last day of our transfer here. I am starting to make a list of questions that I want answered in my study journal. Then I will take my conference notes on the next pages and later reread them to fill in the answers to my questions. You’ve got to try this… it’s awesome and really works!

Life is good here in Boa Vista. We visited the center today which has a beautiful view of Rio Branco. (The white river) It seems like quite a tourist spot because there are lots of little snack stands and such. We took a few neat pictures by the water. My camera is broken at the moment but I will see about getting them from my companion when I get the chance.

I taught the Principles of the Gospel class yesterday! I was super nervous, but it was on the Atonement, so there was lots of good material to share. I also gave a talk in church about missionary work. I started off by listing all the things I would do to get the word out if I had a cure for cancer. Then I explained that there is a spiritual sickness like cancer, but that we have the cure! It is baptism by authority and then going to church every week to partake of the blessings and healing power of the Atonement. I explained that we have just got to get the word out because there are people who don’t know yet or have forgotten that there is a cure for spiritual pain. It was a good experience, and another confirmation that I want to be a teacher.

My thoughts on the Sacrament are changing. Instead of getting after myself when I do something poorly or make a mistake or slack off, I just think to myself, I can’t wait for Sunday to take the Sacrament and be white clean again. It cheers me up and then I do better. I am really starting to anxiously look forward to taking the Sacrament each week!

I would like to make a request.
For everyone who is reading my blog, family and friends. I would like to hear about your missions! Send me mission stories. 🙂 My address is still the same one. Here are some ideas of things you could write: What was your hardest baptism. What was your favorite thing about the people in your mission? What was the worst day you had on the mission and why? What was the best day and why? What do you miss the most about the culture where you served. What helped you give it your best efforts to the end (scripture, personal quote, analogy…ect.) ? What was something your mission president said that stuck with you after the mission or helped you on the mission.

Love you all, the church is true.


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