March 26, 2012

The other day, we visited the center and I saw this huge iguana climbing the rock wall. There is a picture of me pointing to it on top of the wall. He was just walking his way through the park. He didn’t let us get close and escaped climbing a tree. We also ran into a huge green lizard who had hurt his arm so he didn’t run away. We put our name tags by him and took pictures. There was a little white haired old lady motioning to us from her door. At first I just thought she was worried about the lizard. Then she asked us what church we were from.

We said, “The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” and she said with a shy little smile and weak voice, me too. Little Maria has been here for three months visiting her son and didn’t know where the church was here. She is from Itacoatiara and has just been going to her son’s church. We asked her if she would like us to walk by and pick her up so she could take the sacrament with us. She was delighted. God loves his children…equally. He is going to do everything he can to answer their prayers whether they are active members, non members or less active members. She is 77, but she walked with us all the way there!

The other day we were walking to Satelite City and it was super hot. We were late and it was going to be another 30 minutes of walking before we got to our lunch appointment. Then out of nowhere a woman pulled up and offered us a ride. She didn’t even know we were missionaries, and wasn’t a member! Sister Stevens admitted afterward that she was fervently praying for a ride. That good Baptist woman must have acted on a inner inkling to stop and offer us a ride.

All of this made me think, Goodness! If the Lord wants to answer prayers he sure can do it fast. Then I thought to myself “How many times do I make people wait to have their prayers answered because I don’t act in the moment I feel the Spirit prompting?” When we put off a Spiritual prompting or tell ourselves that we can do it a little later, we are making people wait to have their prayers answered. Let’s all make a goal to surprise people with how fast they can receive answers to their prayers.

I would invite you all to watch all of General Conference this week and then let me know what you liked best.


Sister Thompson


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