Ten Month Mark!

Pictures! There is one of the noni fruit here (which smells aweful but good for you). A few of our chapel and of the baptism we had at the first of the transfer of some member’s relatives. We haven’t had a baptism of our own efforts since…yeh, we’ve got to keep at it. I think this transfer I’ve been the investigator and the Lords been teaching me a few things.

Then there is a picture of me with this young member, Sandy. Everyone thinks she looks like me! What do  you all think? You can all choose which you want to put on the blog…

It’s been an interesting week. It’s been super hard not for me to feel trunky because my companion is going home this weekend and every time we teach she is mourning the end of her mission. She loves the mission and doesn’t want it to end, but all this talk just makes me wish I was her. Then I remember that the Lord needs me here and I get excited again. I think it’s not so much that I wish I was her because I’m glad I still have 8 months, it’s just that it’s going to feel so good at the end when I know that I was diligent until the end. I had my 10 month mark yesterday.


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