May 7, 2012

Next week I get to talk to you all! I want to try and do Skype again but if not, I will see if I can find out the out of country area codes to call… Which phone would you prefer I use? I think I will try to call or do skype after lunch. Write me back to let me know when church is for you so I can know when to get on line…

As for transfers, nothing changed. I and Sister Cortez will continue on together here in Boa Vista! We found out that we will, after all, help with the Manaus open house. It will be May 20. We will return to help in Manaus for a few weeks. Maybe then Sister Cortez can find out what is wrong with her knee. Until then we will do the best we can and try to lay low. This is quite a humbling experience for me. I am learning to rely on and appriciate the members more. I just keep remembering myself that this is the Lords work and as long as I have a will, He will keep it going. I love the members here.
I think I will make a new mission statement for myself to fight prejudice and stigmatism. People talk a lot about the mission areas, like “this is a area where the baptisms are slow” or “this is a bad area where no one goes to the activities” It’s all predjudice.

People are people wherever you go and they are ALL good. They all help, when sincerely asked and given the opportunity. For every three times you ask, 2 times probably won’t work out. The secret to life is remembering that every one in three actually does work out and that you have to give people a little space to be imperfect and just keep asking. It’s faith, and it works. I am learning to recieve help like I have never known how to organize before in my life. I love the members here. 🙂 We have had a few little miracles in the way of finding people to go on splits with us this last week. We ended the week with 14 lessons taught with members present.

I think the Lord calls the weak things of the world to thrash the earth because He has faith in His children. He believes that people are basically good. And they are. When people see that we struggle with the language, that we need help or that we sacrificed a lot to get to their door, they help us, no questions asked. It opens their hearts, and the the seed of the gospel is given a little space to be planted. The Lord is incredibly wise.

I am grateful to be here. I know this church is the true chuch of Christ. I want to bear my Testimony about going to church. It’s like putting on armor. It’s what keeps the armor on and helps us keep the commandments. Being worthy to and making an effort to take the sacrament every week changes our thoughts, it protects our hearts and it calls forth the Holy Spirit to guide our week. I know this. I love you all,

Sister Thompson


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